Day in Heaven

March 14, 2008

It was an amazing night

I got lost , He offered a ride

I couldn’t say no

He captivated me so

Finally i sat beside his charming insanely handsome

His goodness floated around me

The silence was in everywhere

Everywhere, but not inside me

U can say , It was just me and him on one straight  quiet dark road

 He was fascinating with his dark suit as well his perfect tie

I couldn’t do anything but sat gazing out of the window and breath a sigh

when he talked , i was stealing those moments to look at him

Trying to prevent my lips from moving , opening and screaming by 3 words

“I”   “Love”  “You”

I spent 3 miserable years loving you

Now heaven gave me 30 minutes to enjoy setting with you

30 minutes to memorize everything in you cause may be and may be not i will not see u again

Ooh poor me ! cause if i lost you, i lost everything have an aim

What a sarcastic life i live ?!

what a hopless love i give ?!

I love him but i need his love in return

While i was thinking in this dramatic love

A shiver ran down my spine

A painful prick kept stinging on my skin

I was shaking from that coming moment

The awfully goodbye moment

But suddenly , i felt his hands moving to reach to my hand

He held it on a magic way he kissed it and put it on his cheek beside his warm lips

Ooh .. for a second i felt relief

All my fears erased away

He turned me from some corpse can’t feel anything to a bride in her happiest day

I closed my eyes and wished for this scene to just never ever go away

But life can’t be life without PAIN

I ‘m setting here now after all this alone

Trying to write anything about that day

About the most time ever i felt happy

not just pursue for it … NO

I finallly found it in that day with him

For the first time in my life i find what am looking for    “HAPPINESS”

But as we all know, it was for just moments

Sweet moments to leave sweet memories

Makes you smile sometimes ..

Makes you SAD in Another .


4 Responses to “Day in Heaven”

  1. zenuria Says:

    Oh I can so relate to this. Those sweet, precious, fleeting moments that make life seem worth living. How short they are; how quickly they pass. Why must it be like this for us?

  2. sleepingspirit Says:

    yes, u are right ..
    The happy moments pass so quickly and left us a punch of memories so delightful and so painful at the same time .
    really thank u for all ur sweet comments..

  3. ALFREDA Says:

    “I love that Triple Strength Love obsession…. we are back together it worked that next day…. my neighbor down the street said he kept driving up and down the street. He called and me and i acted surprise to hear from him. He said he kept thinking of me so bad he couldn’t sleep right nor think straight… I don’t know how you did it (Dr Ekaka), but you helped me. Bless you!”

  4. lauren dwyer Says:

    I am basically writing you back to give you all of my thanks. Ever since I finished working on the first kit (Love Me Again), my results have been excellent. All I can say is YES, YES YES!! You have been a great help to me and very patient as well. That is so important. When people start working on things that are new to them, there is so much that they don’t know. Especially since working on such kits you are calling on spirits for help and you don’t want to make any mistakes because you’re afraid that anything could go wrong if the work is not done right (such as myself) and I know that I have questioned you a lot. I can admit that I was having some doubts at first and that I was just hoping that this relationship could be helped due to all of the negativity in the relationship. Now I know that there was help and hope for us once again. You have been the best as far as love spell is concern and responding to questions in a timely manner. And I can also tell that you as the support staff are very bright and well educated people. I just wanted to leave you with this note. But mainly you. Even though I know that there are other spell caster, you have been the one that i have really seen a good result from the casting of the spell….thanks once again {Dr Ekaka}

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