Confusing Thoughts

March 20, 2008


It is a dream

I can’t figure it out

What was he talking about

He called me  … We did talk

What happened ? I thought we broke

I’m so confused, My thoughts in a mess

Is it mysteries bless ?

Ooh GoD He was someone else

Someone i did not use to him

Someone gave me his tender , his care

He treated me nice

He touched my heart and broke the ice

But , I’m between two

My restless mind and my weakness heart

And two souls fall apart

What should i do ?

Should i forget his torture to me ?

Should i wait him to leave me ?

He left me once in the past

It was so painful , so fast

Now he wanna move the dust ! 

That easy and heal the rust !

Wake my spirit up !

Then inspiring me to build my sand castles in a far away land and dreaming up !

Drawing his face, kissing his lips, melting in his hug

Being with him inside him !

But who will be with me when he say goodbye ?

When he says sorry , i didn’t love you , you didn’t be nearby

Then leaving me on the cliff

And i choose the bottom to put myself in

As i always, see the bottom haul me down and down

You will leave me drifting and drown

Ooh My love , My One , My All

Just tell me why i could not complain ?

How you makes me forget all this pain ?

Although the tears i cried and the deaths i died

How could you still shine and bright like a diamond light ?

How could you spread the worm like a wooden firelight ?

How could you do this to me ?

I know the answer

I know it well

It is because ..

I loved you from the first sight

But one side love is not enough

It is hard, painful, It is unchangeable

It doesn’t meant to last .


One Response to “Confusing Thoughts”

  1. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    again you delight me with ur ability to describe strong feelings in such a simple way & simple words.once i was in the same situation,and no better words can describe what i felt then.

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