Be Mine

May 13, 2008

For your eyes and the magic within

For your heart that i could die to sleep in

For your hands For the sweet pleasure that i feels when i touch them

For the peace upon the Earth

For the silence beneath the Ocean

For the Red Roses All over the World

For the Blue Sky above the Universe

For all the beauty that i feels when you just Around ,

I will tell you …

Happy Anniversary and Happy valentine’s Day

Happy laughter and crying ! i will forget it for years and for decades

Would you kiss me now ?

Kiss me now welcome back kiss

Hug me now ,  Surround me by your bless

Ooh lips ,

My lips ,

Don’t be jelious from cheeks

Kisses will rainy on you now,

Will turn you on and never let you go

Ooh My Love .. My Precious .. My All

If you just hear me at night, whispering by your name

Moving slowly from side to another

Looking for your Arms to hold mine

Dreaming by you when i’m up , when i’m sleep

To hold me tight , To hold me deep

You will not criticize me for why i still loving you

You will know ,

You will feel ,

That i became you and you beaceme me

 Well , Just Let us walk to that Garden there

I’m with you , You with me , There is nothing i fear

Here on that tree ,

I’ll dig our names and swear by our love to live forever and forever will be no meaning without you

Sweet you

I adore you

I have something for you

Just look at me … star at me more

I’m not on Earth , I’m on a Mountain

Singing our song , whispering and flying from happiness like a bird just because your eyes hit mine

So Do Not take that away from me

Take the Red Rose ,

Take My Love ,

Take ME All

   ” I Will Not Belong To Any One But You”


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