Loner Love

May 13, 2008

I’m in hate

I can’t imagine that i reached to that rate

Everyone moves forward

And i’m the one who late

Why doing that to me my fate ?

Please do something delightful for me

Let cupid hit me once again

I wanna be in love

I wana find my soulmate

Break the chains around me

Give me a piece of chance to be with him in one damn date

I have been in lonesome for many years

Please open that gate

I wanna run away from my illusions

I don’t wanna more fight

I wanna get it right

That my obssession about that picture in my head

It will take me to no where but suffering on my bed

It ‘s a picture without a frame and it will be a shame if i continue dreaming like a childish poor girl

I have all the love in this world inside my heart

Why then i keep it in a prison while my joyless pursue for a high position to candidate

For when i will be in the dark looking for ridiculous hope may happen may doesn’t

what on earth  i can do

Help me God , Help me plz

Walk him away from me

Turn the breeze into a storm smashes me to see the real him

To see the fact that he doesn’t love me , he doesn’t

He really doesn’t

He just look at me by a hesitative eyes in a very innocent face

Telling me words i don’t hear

Being a shelter i don’t feel

So please

Stop it

Stop your eyes

Your Eyes reveal Lies

This is Not Love

Walk away , This is Not Love

This is my Loner Love . 


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