The Autumn Can Not Be a Spring

May 13, 2008

Heart said : I wonder, How is he,

Does he know that i could die to see him now?

I do really miss him

Mind said : Does he worth ?

Heart said : I do not Care

Mind said : Does you still love him ?

Heart said : ” Long staring ”

Mind said : Hello !!   you there !

Heart said : Love !

Love is just a blur

Everytime you try to open your eyes as much as you can to see who is there , you loose the picture

Mind said : … why you miss him then ?!

Heart said : You really want to know ?

Mind said : Yes please, Tell me why

Heart said : He gives me hope , Any little thing he said or he did .. It gives me hope

With or without his existence

I give myself hope,

The picture i dreW,

The picture of him … gives me hope

See ! I’m hardly beating when is not around

I jump when i became by him surrounding

And that doesn’t call love

It is more than love,

Something deepest,

Something born since i born

My cells contain it and it running in my blood .

Mind said : hmm.. It is quite disappointing

You know , He will break you in two,

Half bleeding , Half will run back to him … So Poor you !

And me , I will be the witness to the immortality pain,

When you locks your doors and put your chains again .

Sorry …

I can’t be with you anymore

I have to realize , I have to think

You , can Not

Wake up  ” Poor Little Heart ”

Try to find in this loss a  Gain

Admit it first that it is a loss

Cause you standing now in the middle of nowhere

I know that you loved him so truly

But here it came the time that you should let it go

Let it Go ” Poor Little Heart ” Let it Go

Say,  Good Bye

Be Free ,

Open your entire doors willingly

Cause Autumn can not be a Spring

The Autumn can not be a Spring .


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