Which are you and Which am I

May 13, 2008

We have been waiting for many things in our life

Some wait for nights to come with its delightful things,

Some wish that they could stop the time after the day light had gone and never wanted the nights to be a part from their life cause it remined them how much lonilness they feels

And some spirits waiting for someone who will move away the pall and release them from the gloomy years they had lived

Others have no reason to live, Nothing seems worthy from their point

They are waiting and feeling like they are dying today


And some of us looking at the sky and waiting for stars to shine so they can count it to reach to some strang love sum …

well i don’t know

That section thinks that the sky is always furnished with the stars

They can find it even it doesn’t exist

Hmm Anyway , What a pleasant scene,

The other section don’t think the sky is even blue,

Everytime they look above they saw gray clouds with heavy drops of rain which it pouring into them like their own troubles,

So they waited and waited for the grace to come and take their fears away,

And they looking at the sky ,just for asking mercy,

So for sure they don’t care if there is stars in the sky or not..

Of course it doesn’t matter.


Some have pretty faces and pretty much of numbers loves them,

Do you think ,they are satiesfied?

I don’t think so,

It would split their hearts and drown them in an endless fountain of infinte pain

They waited too..

For Decent one for their solemn soul

hmm , well.. they are looking for a needle in a haystack..

Because the last men died in the 6 Oct. war like my friend is always say to me .. lol

It ‘s a joke -Men- “No Offense”

Others waiting for just to be notice or feeling that anyone care a little bit a bout them


The thing is ,

People nowadays, forget about personality

About the most important thing in human beings

Cause we always measure the kinds of things we are interested in by unmeaning and an aimlessly way,

We just say , yeah he is cool  … yeah she is pretty

And forget about things inside.

Well, this is really puzzls me cause we certainly know that things outside are changeable, it is just a matter of time,

So i have to say that we gotta be patient about things we want,things we pursue and things we planned and did not be like the way we want it to be .

Obviously it is our nature to have an insatiable appetite for the Opposite,

For things we don’t have .. Things arn’t in Us …

It is okay , No problem , Keep having the hope that we will find what we are looking for and what we are waiting.

Go On,

May someday we will find it in the end,

And when we got it, It would be a pleasure that all the time we spent in waiting,

It didn’t go for Wrong .


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