Love Me oR Leave Me

May 14, 2008


Clinging to a past that doesn’t let me choose

I locked my heart and fired my blues

No regrets no damn chance to lose

Not again , I Refuse

Sorry …

From ages i sailed into your island holding a rose

Now the rose died and my feelings froze

I’m cold like ice

Don’t even think to be close

Don’t , Don’t say hey.. i missed you , letting me go through a magic muse then say “Pardon me” i need a pause

And vanish like the scattered ashes without any purpose without any cause

leaving me , writing a lament

With tears in my eyes

With a broken willing

With a massive anger buried in me

With a spoken pain out of me

With repeating words about what you did about who you was

About the past about the self-abuse

Stop please , Stop possessing me

Stop making me believe that i see an oasis in that desert we live in

My strenght is gone

My dreams are falling down

Now Do my words hurt you ?

Cause it burns right here , it burns deep down

One more thing

I think

It is better to leave me at all

Without a word without a call

U couldn’t love me

So …

Leave me

Leave me

Leave me Alone .


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