Break the Chains … Let ME iN

May 15, 2008

Let me be your Sun when it goes to the other side,

Your Moon and the Stars in a dark gloomy Night

Let me be your shelter when the sky rains, When you can’t find a place to hide

Let me be your sailboat, I’ll take you to the shore .

Let my hug surround you when you feels cold when you needs secure

Let me be your Spring IF Autumn came

Your flower , your Perfume

Smell me ,

Let me in ,

Into your heart let me sleep in

Let my soul intertwine with urs

Let us be One

I’ll keep your secrets , You will keep mine

I’ll steal your pain , shed no tears , I’ll make you smile

I’ll be your song,

Your favorite song

A beautiful painting,

Your Masterpiece .

I’ll be the Art and You the Artist

I’ll be your guide , Your Night Book

Your words when it gone .

Let me be your Serenity .. your Silence

Your quiet Night,

Your Yellow Light

Be My Angel and I’ll Be your Whole World .


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