Love & Pain

May 17, 2008

You never been mine

So i never crossed  the line

You always take your eyes off me

You never left your heart to love me

Have you ever saw my pain?  

Did i ever complain ?

Who’s right ?

Who’s wrong ?

For when I’ll be strong ?

Do you understand what had gone from your hands

Some one needed love and passion NoT Compassion

But some How … some Why

I will still a live untill the day

The day that i can hold you Tight

In your arms I’ll sleep at Night

In this world or in another world … I don’t care

Untill this day , I’ll pray

To God for forgive me and for this chance to give me . 


One Response to “Love & Pain”

  1. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    simple & powerful.This is your know how to deliver the message in the simplest and smoothest way.

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