The Fact of Love

May 17, 2008

It’s No chances to try

Or excuses to clairfy

It’s something you can’t buy and a fact you can’t deny

It ‘s not about saying hellow or saying Hi ,

It is a bout How you never say bye

You learn how to dream .. how to fly

How you reach by your dreams to the sky

Your thinking makes you sigh

and takes you to the mountain high

So peacful as a baby lulaby

So beautiful as a coulord butterfly

Yes it’s a word have millions of feelings

It is LOVE

It’s the truth without one lie

It’s a little happiness disapeared in a lot of cry

It’s how you spend your nights between nothing and a pillow you never find it dry

And at the End , You wish that all of this never happen

And pray to your memories for just Die .


One Response to “The Fact of Love”

  1. Kevin Paquet Says:

    Pretty nice poem that you have written there, keep it up!

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