Me, Him & My Soul

May 20, 2008

I close my eyes and let my soul reach out to yours

May be she can reach out to your lap and rest between your arms for a while,

May be she can feel how the hug would be from you,

How would be the feeling when only inchs separate your lips from mine,

Feel his hug my soul please ,

Feel it cause i can’t feel it

I can’t be there , You can ..

Live those moments then come back to me ,

Tell me what happened ? what did you feel ?

Did you feel warm enough to give me some ?

How was his touch ? so slow .. i know ,

But so fast to get in there to the deepest part in your heart .

Did he come so close to your ears whispering words words ?!

Did he come so closer and left a sigh on your neck while he was smelling it ?!

Did you tremble ?   Tell me my soul everything , I want to know cause i would tremble if he just look at me ,

Tell me about his fingers ,

Were they wondar on you as they were discovering a places they never went

His fingers So soft i know , i can imagine

Did he wipe your hair away from your face from your eyes and look so passionately at them exactly as he see a wonder land or more than wonder land as he see heaven in there .

Did you feel that ? Tell me did you feel that cause i can’t be there but you can

I can’t help but release you from my body to go there but you have to comeback to me

Cause if you don’t

It will be my Ultimate chance

It will be my Eternity .


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