Living alone it Ain’t an Option

May 25, 2008


Why ” Living alone ” ?

Why do people do this to themselves ?

They must be afraid of something

Afraid of what ?!

Well, Mostly afraid of love, afraid of feeling pain

The sort of pain which is from our false beliefs

The false ground of suffering that our minds created it which it blocks the experience of our true pain

The other sort of pain which is really not painful at all , just Time and Moving on could take care of healing and recovering

So people who doesn’t know the different between the true one and the fake one, who create Walls of protection around their hearts

Prevent them from falling in love, from being in pain

But those Walls at times cause pain than they prevent

So, Why do we prevent our hearts from breathing freely at times they wants wings to fly ?

Why do we put chains to hide behind them and numb our bodies at times they are aching ?

Saying at least when we are alone there is no one to bring pain,

Do you think you will not feel it ?

Pain is in Everywhere

It is real

Pain does exist if you accept that or not

There is always something hurts and Aches

But the real pain can be Overcome

It is only the imaginary ones that are Unconquerable

So you can’t avoid pain by choosing not to be in love

Where is the question that tells us ” The Glass is half filled or half empty ” and the thought that leads to ” It is just the way we look at ”   ??!!

If you had chosen to look at the half empty, your wishes wouldn’t ever been realities

You will find your days go by and you will stay the same .. living in the past with your sorrow, with your pitiful memories and that ain’t a life 

Ignore hearing the regular sound of something dying deep inside you

It is so simple if you just decide to change your point of view

Who need that to be happen ?

Where is the half filled ?

Why didn’t we look at ?

Obviously we just die once in a life, Why did you choose to die everyday ?

Well, I just wanted to say

I do agree that love is all about ups and down, It keeps us searching, always looking for the missing piece

Sometimes you find it, Sometimes you don’t

Sometimes you feel like you’r in Heaven

Sometimes you live with broken bones from chosen to drop off the cliff

So love is just Alert and Peaceful at the same time

Just Everyday we should walk

Where ever it leads, Where ever it goes

Live your life, Feel the Love with all its sour .. with all its joy

Cause Life is Fleeting and Time is a precious Gift .


2 Responses to “Living alone it Ain’t an Option”

  1. hisham agiza Says:

    i really like the article, u r really gifted. its a wisdom and a precious advice for those afraid to live in the half filled to avoid pain and rather choose to die everyday. i really enjoyed reading this. keep on the good work. good luck

  2. sleepingspirit Says:

    Thank u, I do really appreciate ur comment .

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