Sorry .. I can’t get you

May 29, 2008

I was trying to sleep but i guess .. No use

I just rollin’ from side to side on my bed and my thoughts are rollin’ with me,

I was thinking of the two Articles that I wrote it this month;

One of them was about Being wait for what we wish to have and what we pursue to be, and the other for Being free from the prison we locked ourselves in … About Breaking the walls !!!

huh .. Breaking the walls !

Please for God sake give me a hammer immediately to start reconstruction my life cause everything is a fucked up now

I have been living in a mess since he said ” I tried to love you but sorry, I couldn’t ”

Well.. I’m not gonna bore you , i will not tell the story of my life

But the time had been passed and the whole crisis seemed to be usual to me because we turned it to a friend ship for some conscientious reasons and for something inside me which i did agree based on a foolish feeling I have it till now which is ” Mr. Fuckin’ Hope ”

It is just you never think the last time is the last time , you think there will be more

You always say no … No .. It will not end , He will comeback , Just he need time and I will  wait, I will give him the space he Needs

then you realize that you will spend your whole life waiting !

Yea, till your hair become gray and you start complaining from a brittle bones !!

hmm disappointing and so ironic .. I know

And of course in the friend ship’s world you are allowed to say things as ” Really I like you baby ”  which nothing .. Nothing in this world makes me so close to madness than this fragment

I wish i can destroy this word from the dictionary from the whole Languages .

Here again I was having the hope for he could replace it with another word

FOOL, completely I was a fool

In fact , still a fool

I know this is all wrong but there is a true part in this issue “In this wrong thing ”  that i never felt this hasty incredible unbelievable overwhelming beating in my heart before .. till i met him

huh i’m just a dork cause i’m alone

Still living alone,  Isolated from the mutual love feelings and i accepted that and you are gonna call me now.. she is an idiot

But call me any names that’s what i feel, that’s my heart and that’s him who living in a world where everything is okay .. everything is fine

It is no problems at all , No love feelings , No heart emotions and of course no crazy things and for sure no surprises

Yup, He is so quiet .. Quiet to no limits


Well .. I’m in an illusion just if i got what is happening, Just if i got what is there beyond his reactions if he gave me a reaction in fact

Cause he sounds crush with the open endings when the curtain been down and you are sitting their not understanding a word from the whole play and that actually me who sat there understanding Non a word

Non an action

Non a touch

Non a call

Non a simple conversation

Non a thing ..

Really I’m sorry, I can’t get you .. I can’t seem to understand you at All .


One Response to “Sorry .. I can’t get you”

  1. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    very true,very can u do it girl?

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