My Journey to you

June 1, 2008


I didn’t know that you would be that real

I didn’t know that you would be so much you in my dreams

Yes, I know you

It should be you

But should I go on, Enter your castle or you will be a stranger

Whose path I shouldn’t cross

Whose castle has chains and locks

Whose heart trapped in a cage and the cage has no keys

Would you let me in if I knocked your doors

If I beated it so hard

If I pushed it to move its walls

I know I can do it

I will try

I know that if I failed I will leave a mess 

A mess can not harm anyone but me

I don’t care 

Just please open your doors… all your doors and let me in

Let me guide you to a life you never lived, to feelings you never known

Let me show you how the sun melts so slowly on the beauty of the sea, hugs its waves passionately

As the sun only can feel safe when the sea wrapped all its rays

Let me teach you a way, a magic way to feel the beauty of the roses without being hurt from its thorns

Don’t be afraid

May be our ways are parallel in this life but I will cross over

I already walked a long journey to come to you

For I knew at the end of my journey you would be there

I don’t care you did not find me

I found you

No matter how lost you are how emptiness you feel and how much hurt inside you

I will be something else

I will show you different ways, different kinds of ways to feel the beauty of the simple things

I’ll show you that things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful

The ordinary could be just as beautiful

Just open your doors .. Ask me to stay

With unspoken words let your eyes tell everything

You never know how much graceful they are

How they sparkle when you smile and grow dark when you show your serious deep side

You are so much you in my dreams

You are so real

You will never know that I waited so long to see such an eyes

Eyes had been wrapped me in tenderness since the first time I saw them till the moment of now

I hear them say “come here forget the bothering sleepless nights, sleep tight for you are home”

So tell me no more that I should walk away

Let me in, ask me to stay

With unspeakable words ask me to stay

Perhaps you would have the answers to all the questions that fill me but I will not ask for your reply

Just open your doors let me in or let me takes you with me into some place so far from here

I’ll show you a million different views

Views you never seen .. you never notice before

I’ll make you feel how peaceful they are .. How beautiful they are just as beautiful as you

Please I long to feel your presence

I long to feel you around me

So let me in or let me takes you with me

I had traveled years and years alone carrying nothing but my unsaid words in my unfinished books

Let me in

Read my books .. Read my poetic lines, they are all for you

Wrap me in the warmth of your embrace

Let me rest for once, makes me feel so close to you so attached to your heart

Then I will continue my unending roads

To the beauty of the universe

Carrying my words .. my books on my shoulders and carrying an overwhelming love in my heart .


One Response to “My Journey to you”

  1. Emil Johnsen Says:

    You write good stuff, well worth to read and deeply emotional.

    Is it okay if i take this picture and edit it in Photoshop, merely for personal use and display, and with directions to the source?

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