No Mercy

June 3, 2008

Kill me by a poison Arrow

End my life, End a dream i used to follow

Release a sole became forgotten behind your Bars

Release a spirit from your Hollow

Don’t leave me with my wet pillow

Put your Merciless on me

Finish me

Then bury me in a place which it Narrow

And let your grief pass away

In my life when i was alive

I was just a shadow .


2 Responses to “No Mercy”

  1. Pierre Says:

    A shadow is a shadow inasmuch as he doesn’t take himself seriously; a shadow remains a shadow when he fails to see that his face is but a reflection in some other eyes; only when these other eyes look upon him that he fills with flesh and becomes “a person,” someone that matters. A person whose value dwells and wanders outside his body, behind foreign bars, is destined to suffer miserably and wish with all his flesh, when the lightning strikes, for a way out. Left to stand alone this person crumbles and becomes valueless, nothing, a shadow.

  2. @ Pierre- { A person whose value dwells and wanders outside his body }
    hmm That’s exactly what I want constantly Pierre,
    And when I do this I feel totally peace and comfort and full of power to step back to my body again and bear the reality for a while.

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