Please Leave a comment and write your wish , Who knows !!!

June 10, 2008

If a Little tiny beautiful Fairy with gorgeous colourful wings as butterflies wings came to you, knocked your window and asked you to let her in!

Well …    Surely you will gasp, astonish and bite your finger or press any part of your body to know that you’re still alive! ..
You are in heaven!
Or you still on Earth but in a …… well ..  I don’t know; In a Fairies Land May be ..

Then The Fairy stared at you with her wide brown eyes holding her Magic Stick and told you ..

Sir, I will ask you to wish a single wish ” Just one ” and in a second it will come true infront of your sight!

The thing is ..

What would be your wish ?
What your fanciest dream or your unreachable wish would be ? ? ? ? ?


7 Responses to “Please Leave a comment and write your wish , Who knows !!!”

  1. mo7amed Says:

    ma fanciest dream to live in a place which no one but me an ma princess faraway from people near the sae under the moonlight whispering in her ear telling her hw much i love an care

  2. TheGirlWithASecret Says:

    My wish is to be with him…the one I love…and for him to love me the way I need him to…and for all the obstacles to be removed and cared for accordingly. Too much to wish for?

  3. hero Says:

    my wish is staying with my love in any place and in every time till we die…!!

  4. nick Says:

    lFLqCu hi! hice site!

  5. Wow Cool !
    Super Man
    Nice Site

  6. the.light.bearer Says:

    happiness for every being.

  7. somi Says:

    my wish is that i live with my love
    anywhere bt together bt i know that its not possible bc he dnt know that i love him nd i’ll never tell him

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