I Remember you

June 14, 2008

I remember you

Once I see glasses with a white frame

I remember you

Once I see a blue car

I remember you

And in the winter while I was driving and all the windows closed and I couldn’t see because of the steam , I remember you when you washed the glass by your hands

At once I do the same cause I like remembering you and I like doing the same things you do

Once I smell cigarettes or watch somebody smoke

Definitely I remember you

Once I hear “Katie Melua” singing “There are Nine Million bicycles in Beijing”

Of course I remember you

Every time I’m ill or have fever

I do a cup of tea with the lemon juice like you always do

And every time I see a blue hat

I remember you, I remember the first time I saw you

If anyone called me by my pet name I remember you

For you are the first person who invented that name

And every time I see anyone sending messages to his partner

I remember you because that’s our way to talk and it is you who learnt me that way

Every time I hear a loudly funny laugh by a gorgeous guy

I remember your laughter and I smile myself because that is the nicest thing you do

I like it and I like to remember you

For every time I go to eat pizza I remember you with every slice I bite, I feel as I ‘m with you

When I’m thirsty and I’m willing to buy a cola, I took a Seven instead with a smile on my face because I remembered you

And when I were there in the that park “the theme park” I sat on that bench “our bench”

You know still feels you there, I can capture our image when we were there, you and I, doing nothing while others were jumping and playing and the only movement we took was to buy fries

Hmm, I remember that you fed me by your hands

Well it was the most delicious fries I ever had

And Every time I see a girl left her nails so much tall than the normal average

I remember how much you hated the tall nails

They are disgusting you

I know

Because I remember you

And if I saw a guy wear socks all the time day and night, in winter or in summer lol immediately I remember you

And every time I’m driving alone on a quiet long road I put fayrouz’s

Cd and enjoys remembering those moments when we were together listening peacefully at her

I do a sigh and forget all the world but remembering you

And if my cell phone ringed and “Precious” was calling

Then you definitely remembered me

My precious…

I will always remember you .


6 Responses to “I Remember you”

  1. I like this, it is very good, and brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Mer Pints Says:

    yes i do love it too…

  3. sleepingspirit Says:

    really thanks to u …

  4. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    i think it’s very very beautiful.you wrote the words with your tears,i can see them.GOD bless you.

  5. hisham agiza Says:

    it really touch anyone feelings tenderly. i will always remember u with this poem.

  6. I can’t describe how much i’m so thankful to all of u
    it makes me feel good when i see that somebody cares about the feelings and the romance which they became rare in our world and that what always bring tears to my eyes.

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