Message in a Bottle

June 21, 2008

Dear ………

Dearest ……..


I wish your heart be the shore for my message

Hopefully arrives on time on 23 June

I’ll bottle my letter now then let it travel the path through the days and nights

Sail among the waves of anger but beneath the hope of the sun rays

Fills with a love that knows no boundaries

Fills with words never needed to be written in letters

For if you just listen quietly to the wind

you will hear my love as it travels to you each night, not only my love,

I travel myself to you , leaving my empty quiet room and come to your place where ever you go I walk with you by your side

Just reach out your hands through your window and you will feel me there

I’ll touch your face as a cold breeze in a summer night

Close your eyes and you will see me there my luv

Listen and you will hear me whispering your name , talking with you in ways you might not know…

But for now I have to fall my words here in a letter because may be my whispers left unheard and may be my image left in the shadows,

and I can’t spell them in front of you…

So shy to do that cause you who learnt me how to talk to you by messages

But most of my messages kept on draft  

So now I will step out into the light and tell you…

I was wrong while I thought I’m able to stop loving you

The more I try to deny it the deeper I’m falling

You bottled inside my heart forever

Your deeply voice fall on my ears as it is a gentle rhythm filling the Quiet of my Long Lonely Nights

In the time of your presence or in the time of your absence I feel you with me

Haunting my heart

Weaving a certain magic around me

I’m sorry my luv I pushed you away

Being away from you cause aches more than any hurt

I wish I would fall back in your arms and your voice could carry me away

“If Not forever then just for a While”

I wish I write the probable words now but I think no words can capture such a feeling

Today I see the clouds heavy with love pouring it into the ground softly

Filling the gardens with roses and flowers even the desert grew green

And filling me with mystical paths I should walk to come to you and find you my luv

Find you in a day I had lived and I will die for

In a day that is not in any calendar

I don’t care if I waited a million lifetimes to find you in a single moment

For I knew that single moment will worth everything

It would be my first time seeing the sun rise in the sky

It would be my birthday “My birthday”

And my first yell it would be my first shout that I will scream by my loudly voice” I luv you my luv”

But for now they are just words in a letter

Words have no control

It will speak for no one but you but I have to control my jealousy

Cause I find myself unable to live any second without you, without being around you

I’m always asking myself why I couldn’t be the sun

I’m so jealous of the sun

 If only I could be the sun for one morning, I would come to you and cover you with the warmth of my love and the softness of my touch

I will lay my soft rays on your face going down to your chest wrapping you as I feel your quiet warmth in my world wrapping me also in tenderness

Weaving a bond between us its threads are so strong

Ooh my luv I’m longing for that connections

Longing for your arms to encircling me

My heart longing for yours for that safety place inside you

You are so beautiful my luv

Your smile can light thousands of candles; your eyes are two spectacular diamonds

They could steal eyes from their own faces

For every time I look at them they stole mine and I’m blind after ,

Seeing no one but you

Being in moonless nights, spotted with stars barely noticed

You took every light with you when you are gone

I could write a book about longing filled with hours and days of waiting for you

I’m waiting for you my luv

Waiting till the end of the time

And for every darkness night will come from Now on

I will journey again down my mystical paths to our place

For there is where I can find you

Now I will sleep my luv and let dreams carry me to you, To our mystical meetings.

Oh one more thing

Read between my lines there are a message for you

You will always be my precious gift. 


 My words are just the flame which would light your candle

I just want to make your day a lil brighter and a lil different

So don’t get me wrong

I never wanted to push you on anything

I Believe in Fate



6 Responses to “Message in a Bottle”

  1. I read this before, and I read it again. It still touched me. The words here are very powerful, both times I could feel tears begin in my eyes. It really touches a vein in my heart. I especially love the last five lines, and the hidden message. 😉

    (Oh, and on accident you underlined the u instead of the v on the fourth to last line of the main part.)

    Overall, yes, I liked this, it is very good.

  2. sleepingspirit Says:

    thx for ur comment, really I appreciate it and I handled the accident

  3. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    well,what can i say? your words make me hope that one day i will love someone so so much to feel these pictures you drew with your are really so beautiful.

  4. Alex Says:

    This text is amazing.
    You put into words what I never could…
    I hope you stay on loving this person and I hope that this person will find you and love you as much as you do.
    As I believe in fate too.

  5. thank u Alex I really aprreciate ur comment and i wish u happy life full of amazing love.

  6. maryam Says:

    I was searching a for a pic that I reached here! Just wanted to say that your weblog is so amazing! I will add it to my favorites! good luck

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