Unforgotten Scene

July 24, 2008

Tears falling,

Men walking

A dusty path that onward leads

Into a gate and the gate has one key

In secret they shout,

In silence they grieve

They are trying to find a line between believe it or not believe

Women weeping,

They are fleeting

Following the foot prints on the fallen leaves

No words, No talking

Words left unspoken

Considered unnecessary

The destiny is the destiny

They are yearning to not believe

But it would be a mind deceive

He had been chosen to relief

From illness, from pain

And finally he will find his peace

But here it comes

The crowd stopped at a grave

It is time to let go

It is time to leave

But some left,

Some lay down and hid their eyes and wept

And some will get the forever rest

Hear ?!  Are you hear ?

The prayers getting louder

Soothing the injured souls

The eyes staring at the small hole

And tears have no control

The widow is saying so long my All

The crowd started to console

The place getting darker

Or the eyes could no more see

Sadness will build a tree

In their heart and goodbye for Glee

With tears it would grew

With memories it would be so deep

But humbly and respectfully, they accepted the GOD will

And remembered that the grave is only the curtain for paradise behind

It is only time

Along or awhile

They again would meet…

So Long My Father…


One Response to “Unforgotten Scene”

  1. hisham agiza Says:

    i was deeply touched, no words could be better, i felt i was there, and felt the grieve.i hope GOD Soothing the injured souls for someone who is really special to write this feelings and deep meanings about him. GOD bless you.

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