The Last Resort

August 5, 2008

I see somebody taking comfort In other’s sorrow

I see the flame inside her heart and I see the ashes are scattering inside him .. inside his gray burnt heart

Loving her.. Is that so hard ?

Does he want to grow old so young

 Always seek lonliness at times she is walking by his side

He lives In the Isolation Land letting the time passing him by and she sold her love in the desolate market where none come to buy

Loving her.. Is that so hard ?

He lighted the candle and watched it burning at Both Ends

He stared at the flames while they were consuming the wax

She is burning like he burnt before

She is drinking the poison from the same glass he drunk long time ago

Saving her .. Is that so hard?

I see her looks like a spirit more than a human wandering alone at the forest,

In the darkness of the night between the giant old tress

Calling a Name .. Rambling words Non sense .. Chasing someone Unseen

I see her stopping from once In a while gazing with staring eyes at something blur

I see a wide smile shown on her circle face , spectacular glee , a certain grace

She Is trying to reach her fingers out through something among the quiet space

But the silence was the only companion of her solitude

The smile washed from her face .. she started to walk again following the trace

Till she stopped at the graveyards

She acts like she Is home surrounded by the purple Blooms

And she lies there like she lies behind her own Fort

Graveyards !!

Graveyard !  Is that her Last Resort ?

So clear now to me than before

I see him turnning from what has been so dim in her eyes to another spirit his pain can not endure

He is searching ..

He is walking the same paths .. the same traces

He wants the same Core

He is looking for his Lost Love

Her forbidden love Is what she was looking for

But to where he is going ?

and where did she go ?

Shattered dreams .. Gray colors .. Dark roads

 An empty circle .. I know

Perhaps he will follow the right traces at the right time one day

But could It be before it is too Late

Or It is too Late already and he should wander No more .


4 Responses to “The Last Resort”

  1. Sad. I can sense all the feelings behind this, they are very strong.

  2. sleepingspirit Says:

    I’m glad u like it .. thx

  3. Ahmed aboserie Says:

    The poem caries a strong feelings actually.

    The heroine in the poem is a cat, right? Or did i interpted it wrongly?

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