The bitter sweet Memories

August 14, 2008

From the thousands thoughts and memories whose wandering in my mind each and everyday which I keep them shutting up to try to calm myself down and avoid the craziness I find you in every inch; every corner in my mind weave memories which it brings rapture that fills my spirit sometimes and brings a bunch of sleepless lonely nights in another.

I find your alluring smile against my Will and even your serious face,
Your eyes while they were staring at mine and pull me into your embrace as it pull me into heaven into a magnificent place
I find your voice when you were at night whisper to me “sweetie” and left me unable to sleep but thoughts of you kept me company , kept you always with me

I find your hands when they took mine between them, when each hand were trying to feel the other above it in aching need to feel the softness and to feel the tenderness
To feel the power and to feel this strange sweet heat
To sooth the pain to fight the sorrow and challenge the heartache that’s in a bad need

How could I delete this from my mind or even keep it quiet Not fight and shout in me to remember, Just to approve that there is not a moment goes by when you are not in my thoughts, you are not in my mind

Of course you know those memories are not much But believe me the place from the lowest depths to skies above is not enough for them… It is not enough Believe me
I imagined what is more than we have lived to make the bond between us become so powerful and so strong

Believe me there are thousands of times I waited you to call me to just leave a word, a thought or a moment of truth to live it with you and leave a terrific feel lives in my heart, Lives in my deepest all to write something poetic about it or remember it when you are away

Believe me I did more than I can stand to keep myself away from others to make you the one and the only in my life

Believe me I try so hard to convince myself that you’re here .. that you’re near and take away from me all my strife

Believe me I always run after my feelings which is all for you at times you making me feel that when I thought that I’m so close , you were walking so far away

But seriously I want to say I’m a woman with no regrets

I lived what I had lived with one quite simple rule whose echoed in my thoughts always and forever Which is

” The one can not regret at love when it is true “

Can not regret at thing comes once in a life
And can not regret at the only thing makes you sure when everything seemed to be unsure

So Believe me and Forgive me

Believe me I forgot the sore thoughts and mingled it with the fake joy and the delusional Glee Cause I thought your love could be visible one day, seen and toutched , be Faithfully

And Forgive me If once I lift my eyes to see who is not belong to me .


One Response to “The bitter sweet Memories”

  1. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    lovely & sweet,go on are brilliant.

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