My heart is gone beyond the Sea

September 3, 2008

I’m here for you  Sea

I walked my familiar path to come to you

I came alone Escaping from the wild life there and longing to feel your tranquility

Are you longing to feel me sea ? To feel my loneliness as I feel your Mystery ?

I’m here to sit quietly in the softness of the night with you for a while in this place where dreams come to life

Please come here to caress me

I’ll rest in front of you and feel your soft sand beneath my feet; Waiting you to send me your tender waves to touch me Or smash me

I don’t care I will not leave you

I’m here and I’m near

I hear the whispers you sent me , whispers of things said and left unsaid

Sweet love whispers fall on my ears gently

I’m so captivated by you sea

I walked roads I should not walk; Crossed lines , I crossed the machine of time

I left my life , my strife , I left everything behind

I just came with a good grace , just needed to be here; Close to you sea and hugs your waves passionately

Letting the soft breezes fall on my lips and my cheeks gently

Stealing kisses from me then sending back to you; I’m sending you my warm feelings to keep you company in the absence of the sun as I know you stay for long every night waiting company; Waiting for someone relieves his secrets and threw his books sheet by sheet to you

I know you are good at reading the people’s Books

You are Great … Deep … Charming … Keeper

Uuh Sea…

Calling me out

Don’t you yearn to take me

And write an end to my Misery?

Pull me into your deep Embrace; I can close my eyes and walk towards you Ignoring your splashing drops, fighting your anger waves and losing the earth beneath my feet

I know you want me Sea.. I hear your moans But could you bear watching me drown .. No, I know you couldn’t but you are already pulling me into you, and I see my self driftting to a place beyond all words then You send me your waves after while to carry me to where I’m belong

Ooh Sea ..

Lend me your strength

Or picture me a final scene to our story

I’m hearing your voice, the one that carries me back and beckon me forward at the same time

My beloved  Sea ..

I lost my Sanity

Tell me and I will go after

When do reality End and dreams Begin? Or are they intertwined, one part of the other ?

Your answer to me is still silence

I know miracles never last and I know too that when the sun goes to the other side and you are alone I will come to sit with you till the twilight of the hours .


7 Responses to “My heart is gone beyond the Sea”

  1. Mer Pints Says:

    Sea can mean the source of life, I love this poem. It deals with my favorite topic, the sea.

  2. sleepingspirit Says:

    thank u .. it means a lot to me

  3. This reminds me of a paper I wrote for english once. I love how you’ve made the sea so much more than simply the sea. That’s the way I prefer to think of it. An entity, a being, rather than an ocean.

  4. sleepingspirit Says:

    I adore it too ..

  5. Ahmed aboserie Says:

    the is always mysterious, fearful but mighty as well. These description applies to the heroine as the sea is a reflaction of her and we indeed didnot know anything about her story yet we have a feeling that she is great and her emotions are genuine but we also feel her sadness and lonlines again without her mentioning a word about her story.

    I am suspecting that the real heroine who wrote it is also MYSTERIOUS and does not say much about herself.

    Great poem, keep the good work up please

  6. zenuria Says:

    This is beautiful and evocative. The emotions, thoughts are expressed wonderfully. It touched me deeply.

  7. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    will you believe me if i tell u that i didn’t just read it. i heard it as if it was a beautiful song,i smelt the sea with every line,i felt the splashes and the waves.very good.

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