Things we Lost in the Fire

September 12, 2008


-The water’s green.
-No, it’s fluorescent.


Fluorescent !! …

-Fluorescent means “lit from within.”

-So am I fluorescent?
-Yeah, Dory, you are.

And That was Brian and his son in the first scene at this movie

” Things we lost in the Fire ” .

And I believe that anyone has deep inside his heart a feel called

” Love ” ,  he is a fluorescent

He lit from within.


It is my third time I watch this movie and never get bored .

I get into a sensation makes me feel that love is the only thing beckon us forward to walk into the right direction in our life .

But ..

But if you lost it , you lost everything …

You lose control

You feel like you are inside a movie .. A sad movie

You want to escape , you want to know what it feels like to escape

You would think that you will continue losing everything , everyone


And here ..

Audrey and her kids have to accept the Loss

Have to start rebuilding their life somehow without the main reason for being alive.

But Lonliness

The Night’s Monster

The unbearable feel would keep chasing you .. chasing you and take away from you your quiet sweet slumber

They say ..

To feel stronger you have to find someone so down and so pathetic to take care of,

And Audrey found out that hating his husband’s childhood friend  Jerry is now seems so silly .

At the same time Jerry have to stop being a heroin addict and try to put his own life back together

So she gave him their garage , a place where they had a fire in it before and they started to rebuild it but never finished , thats what she told him to get him in their life to help him and help herself at the same time 

A scene touched me so much

Was when he helped her to sleep after many sleepless nights she had ,

When he just rubbed her ears gently as her husband was always do


But her refusal to her tragic loss leaded her to be at times very hurtful to Jerry saying things like ” It should have been you ” meaning his life isn’t worth and he should have been died instead of her husband .

She even wanted from him to let her in the addiction world in order to escape from her pathetic life,

she went to his place once asking him ” What is heroin like ?


But she kept blaming Jerry about everything so after many scenes of fightings , he collapsed and got back to heroin again and it was so painful seeing him like that as it was so painful too seeing her after she helped him again collapsed in her husband study room

she broke down finally after she had entered into the room, she has not able to enter after the accident

She read the list

The list of all the things they lost in the fire

And then she realized that she lost him .. she lost him forever

She kept howling and Saying why ..


I have to mention the most memorable words at the movie

After the fire they had and all the things they lost because of it , she went to her husband and she said :

How can you be so calm ?!

He said , those are just things Audrey

Those are just the stuff

That’s just stuff

“We still have each other”

So touchable …


At the End

Jerry telling his often dream while he was in some addiction healing circle and the plays out with Gustavo santaolalla gorgeous music , A red roses bouquet with a card “Accept the good ” from Jerry to Audrey and a sense that life will go on .


And here is the Jerry’s dream ..

Hi, my name is Jerry and I’m an addict.

-Hi, Jerry.
-Hello, Jerry.

I’ve been clean for 89 days.

My mind is clearer,

and I think it’s getting better.

Every day, a little bit.

But I wanna talk about this dream
I keep having.

It always starts
with me stealing silverware.

Then I go sell it to this guy

who I used to know
who owned a catering service.

Then with the money, I go to this place
where I used to buy my drug of choice,

and he’s not around.

So I go to other spots, right,

but for some reason, no one is around.

All of Seattle is dry,

and then I get that feeling, the dread,

and I panic.

And I start running,

and it’s raining, and it gets dark.

And then I’m in my old apartment,
and I’m thrashing right through it,

looking for something
I might have stashed away.

And I think I’m having a seizure.

And then I find a balloon
hidden in my suitcase.

So there I am

with a bag of junk in one hand

and the money for my next fix
in the other,

and I feel at total, utter peace.

And I wake up.

One day at a time.
One day at a time.
One day at a time.
One day at a time.

Thank you.




4 Responses to “Things we Lost in the Fire”

  1. First Knight Says:

    I loved your post much more than i loved the movie,
    Nice work Little kitty

  2. sleepingspirit Says:

    Really .. Thank u alot

  3. thefirstknight Says:


  4. Paco Says:

    I’m a late-comer to this movie. Just finished watching it for the first time about an hour or so ago. As the film credits rolled, I sat alone in the dark with the sound muted (the lingering guitar chords from the last scene were much more beautiful than the closing song), and I felt both comforted and scorned by old, familiar feelings.

    On so many levels I was touched by this film. Despite the tragic events of “Things We Lost in the Fire,” there were several times while watching the movie that I wished my life was ‘like that.’

    The most significant of those moments was the scene when Audrey was in bed with her husband, and then later with Jerry. I remembered the times when I was in bed with someone I once loved, and how I would slowly rake my fingers from the back of her neck to the top of her head to help her to drift into sleep.

    Since breaking up with her several years ago now, there have been times when I have missed those moments. This movie brought it back to me tonight.

    I hate how much I still miss it.

    Wanting to be in the quiet vibe of the movie (without watching it right over again), I started searching the web for a copy of the soundtrack. That’s how I ran across this blog post.

    Admittedly, before I even read what was written, I started typing this comment. I guess that I was just glad to run across a post from someone out there who had been similarly effected, and enough so to write a blog post about it.

    On the one hand, I didn’t even care what was actually said — and also wasn’t quite ready to take in someone else’s perspective on the film, perhaps out of fear that it would strike to closely to my own. ‘Better to not share so deeply,’ I thought.

    But went ahead and read what was written before finishing my reply.

    I like what you wrote. I haven’t found a (free) copy of the soundtrack yet. But reading your words brought back the feeling of wanting to be back in the movie…wanting my life to be more ‘like that.’

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