I am a traveler between Life and Death

September 22, 2008

Breathe my sorrow’s sigh

Taste my bitterness

Plunge into my eternal darkness

Climb where I have fallen

And stand a side from sunrays

Listen to my whispers

I whisper sweet nothings

Come dance with me slowly

On my silent melodies

And may be we would sleep this night with some kind of peace

Happiness so near and yet so far

Come to me now


Let me die

Come closer

Caress my face, tickle my ears

And lick all my bitter sweet tears


I have no fears

I fear no fate

Don’t be afraid

I have been lost from years

I’m a traveler between life and death

What despair I did not express ?!!

Walk with me these unending roads

See me with your blinding sight

Touch me with your vanished hand

Clear my crowded mind

Creep through my skin to the deep

And may be my broken soul intimate with your tormented needs

But I don’t think the moon would beams

Nor the stars would rise

I can only see with eye serene

The wreckage of my heart

It blows intensely at times

I can only see with eye serene

A dim light from our tired sun

And I hear

Yes, I hear

A sound of a voice that is still

Calling me to go into that cottage there

Where we used to stay

Where we used to lay,

In front of the wooden firelight whose light can not cease

And may be if we go this night,

We would sleep with some kind of peace.


3 Responses to “I am a traveler between Life and Death”

  1. thefirstknight Says:

    I really hope you could sleep tonight with some kind of peace

  2. Ooh, I really love your last two lines. They’re quite perfect.
    I also liked the line which mimics your title, such a great way of describing this.

  3. sleepingspirit Says:

    you are the perfect one, sleepingtypewriter ..

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