My Faded Treasure

October 24, 2008

Time is tick tocking

Heart is skipping a beat

I wonder if I could be with you now

If we could just Meet

The happiness we would feel it together

The Love .. The Intimacy .. The Joy

The perfection of you ,

Uh .. My heart would Leap & Leap

But when I think that things are different now

I feel that I hold grains of gold sands ,

In the palm of my hands

And soon they would slowly creep

And only our sweet memories I would keep .


The Wish & The Whisper

October 16, 2008

My Luv ,
I know that you are sleeping now

I just wish to see your closed eyes,
Hear your soft breaths,
Touch gently the threads of your hair
And let my hand wander on your face,
Then trace the fall of your shoulder

I just want to listen to your heartbeats
Yes I could listen
Cause my heart is beating with yours in a rhythm

I’m seeking to know tonight,
How wonderfully your lips would be when they rests,
one above the other
In a quiet,
And intimately together

I wish I could feel now the heat of your body I want to know it
I want to know what it feels,
Cause the warmth of my nights is forgotten
So I would get nigh even nigher
To smell your skin and feel its warm
And memorize the fragrance of your perfume which is near scattering

My luv , I just want to watch your slowly moves
Could I wish that too ?
May be I could lull a love song
To feel you more comfortable all the night long
Then smooth my way to your mind
And imagine your quiet lovely dreams

Could I dare to wish seeing your face hugging the pillow in peace
And How your lap is so closy tonight
I would tremble my luv if I saw such a thing
If I felt such a feeling
If I reached out my hand and discovered the magic in your finger tips

Ah! .. I can’t sleep my luv till you awake
I will come to you now, I will wait
For holding me in your arms , And letting me hide
Till my fears in me subside
Then I would hear you whisper,
The whisper I always long to .

I     l o v e    y o u
I     l o v e    y o u   m y    B r i d e .

Hide me inside your Chest

October 13, 2008

Would you take me and hide me inside of you ?

I will sway slowly in your chest

Away from the crowd

Away from the staring eyes

Away into your shoreless depth.

Don’t let me hear the loud voices , the stupid laughs

It confuses me and scares me to death.

Take me .. I’m asking you

It is so loud in here, so alarm and so cold

Clip me in those dear arms then let me catch the warmth of your soul.

Let me be unseen, unreal

A homeless fairy dwell in your mystery heart

To Spend all the possible time with you before we fell apart.

Hide me more

Leave me less

Let me rest inside your chest

Come now


Lest you loose me among the Mist .

I Virtually Love You

October 6, 2008


In my mind, you became a homless thought,
A sad sailor who lost his boat
and trapped forever in my wild wide Island.

In my heart, you are my sacred secret,
My last warrior
for his own castle he struggled and fought.

In my eyes, you are the full Moon
An Enchanted Sky
A flower that in Bloom.

When you are here
When I feel your presence
I twirl and twirl
Like a princess in her white Gown.

And my soul
O’ My soul
It flew and flew
Then harboured in your body
In the most convenient place
And intertwined with yours.

And in your face
I learnt how to make poems
I knew why does my heart leap in joy and sadness became less and less
And all the things i felt before you
Were nothing compared with this.

My Precious  My All  My Me
You decorated my life
I should not ask for more.

And like they say..
” Do Not In Vain Adorn ”
So enough for me
That you comes at night in my dreams
And always stays till Morn .

Could I let my mind think of you now,

And allow my brain to squeeze itself to let your image show up in front of my sight somehow

Could I open a window to my imaginary world for you alone to pass,

Then I would liberate my soul from its own Bars

Would you let me hold within my hands yours,

And light an innocent passion in our innocent souls

Then whisper in my ears like soothing tune of flute

But will you leave deep in my heart a sad violin note

Could I haste now ..

And be so close to you before its too late

Cause we were so close today and yet so faraway.