I Virtually Love You

October 6, 2008


In my mind, you became a homless thought,
A sad sailor who lost his boat
and trapped forever in my wild wide Island.

In my heart, you are my sacred secret,
My last warrior
for his own castle he struggled and fought.

In my eyes, you are the full Moon
An Enchanted Sky
A flower that in Bloom.

When you are here
When I feel your presence
I twirl and twirl
Like a princess in her white Gown.

And my soul
O’ My soul
It flew and flew
Then harboured in your body
In the most convenient place
And intertwined with yours.

And in your face
I learnt how to make poems
I knew why does my heart leap in joy and sadness became less and less
And all the things i felt before you
Were nothing compared with this.

My Precious  My All  My Me
You decorated my life
I should not ask for more.

And like they say..
” Do Not In Vain Adorn ”
So enough for me
That you comes at night in my dreams
And always stays till Morn .


9 Responses to “I Virtually Love You”

  1. I love it
    I love it
    I love it
    I love it
    especially when you said “my me”, very creative, unprecedented,
    I am taking my hat off for you princess

  2. Oh, oh….
    I read this, sucking my breath in, as though you read a part of me even as you write.
    Very, very beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing it. I’ll be back to read more.


  3. Thank u Pearl , I’d love to add U on my blogroll.

  4. Huhhhhh, sigh, this is just lovely.

  5. Spirit, I would be, am honored.
    I have already dragged one of my Sisters here to read this, and she is in in love with this piece as well.
    Just beautiful.

  6. hisham agiza Says:

    It is so sweet, i really adore it, u r really creative. I loved the meaning of “my me” u really can picture how to melt in love.

  7. Eman Eltawansy Says:

    My precious my all my me,this is perfect.

  8. maelinat Says:

    Funny, I was to write a comment here, when I noticed Hisham’s words. :>) The same in my mind: “Sweet and really creative”! Very droll, don’t you think?
    We’re sailing. All along.
    Thank you.

  9. Thank u maelinat, and yes .. I think we are .

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