My Faded Treasure

October 24, 2008

Time is tick tocking

Heart is skipping a beat

I wonder if I could be with you now

If we could just Meet

The happiness we would feel it together

The Love .. The Intimacy .. The Joy

The perfection of you ,

Uh .. My heart would Leap & Leap

But when I think that things are different now

I feel that I hold grains of gold sands ,

In the palm of my hands

And soon they would slowly creep

And only our sweet memories I would keep .


9 Responses to “My Faded Treasure”

  1. mazer4 Says:

    Wow it is a lovely poem. I love it.

  2. maelinat Says:

    All that sound in silence. It cracks or creaks like autumn leaves under our feet. So still & loving…
    Thank you dear.

  3. raunaq2012 Says:

    The use of words is so simple yet brings that visual element that keeps it going. Love it.

    The pictures are wonderful too. Are they your creations too?

  4. Pasel Faqih Says:

    Your feeling of the love is more than a wonderful, The embodiment of the love into words is beautiful than all imaginations,

    Seriously your writing way to the poetry is a splendor ..!

    Thanks and Keep going.

  5. Shady Says:

    I found you through a comment you left on pearls site. I really like your heart felt poetry. GOOD WRITING! Keep up the good work! If you get a minute hit my site. Make sure you scroll down to the poetry. The last thing I posted was a story of my addiction and recovery issues. I think you would like “Eyes of an Angel” and “Beauty goes beyond the skin” and “Truly Giving” If you can, I’d appreciate the feedback. Let me know what you think???

  6. gentledove Says:

    A true longing

  7. Shady Says:

    Thank you very much for your kind compliment! You can tell alot about a person by the poetry they write. That’s why I figured you woulda liked those. Thanks again for taking the time to read them and giving me some feedback!

  8. enreal Says:

    We all have some faded treasure along the way… a moment forgotten… a whisper carried afar by the wind… a glance lingering captured by the heart which refuses to release the stare… your faded treasure remains… faded yet strong with longing… remembering can bring forth the brilliance

  9. Tylor Says:

    This is so simple, yet extravagant. I really love this and can really feel the raw emotion you have put into this piece. The longing for someone is a hard thing, it has been a struggle of mine for a very long time, and it’s hell to endure. I hope that you have found someone as wonderful as you wish for. Thank you for the comment on my poetry, I will be coming here a lot more often to view your work, you are a fantastic writer!

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