The Edge of Love

November 14, 2008


The story goes in London and Wales during The Second World War,

A story of a Love Triangle, In the middle of it is the Brilliant Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas who finds himself in Love with two free-spirited women ,
His childhood Sweetheart Vera Phillips and his wife Caitlin Thomas .

The story explores the complexities between Dylan, the two women and captain William Killick who would be Vera’s husband ,
And on the other hand the bohemian underworld of war torn London.

Here, I will post every poetic Line was told by Dylan during the Movie ..


I have longed to move away

From the hissing of the spent lie

And the old terrors’ continual cry

Growing more terrible

As the day goes over the hill
into the deep sea

I have longed to move away

From the repetition of salutes

For there are ghosts in the air

And ghostly echoes on paper.

Among Those Killed In The Dawn Raid

Was A Man Aged A Hundred.

When the morning

was waking over the war

He put on his clothes
and stepped out and he died

The locks yawned loose
as a blast blew them wide

He dropped where he loved
on the burst pavement..



A stranger has come

To share my room in the house

Not right in the head

A girl mad as birds

She has come possessed

Who admits the delusive light
through the bouncing wall

Possessed by the skies

And taken by light in her arms
at long and dear last

I may, without fail

Suffer the first vision
that set fire to the stars.


Forgive us your death
that myselves the believers

May hold it in a great flood

Till the blood shall spurt

And the dust shall sing like a bird

As the grains blow,
as your death grows, through our heart


Your dying


Child beyond cockcrow by the fire-dwarfed

Street we chant the flying sea

In the body bereft



When I was a windy boy and a bit

And the black spit of the chapel fold

Sighed the old ram rod dying of women

I tiptoed shy in the gooseberry wood

The rude owl cried like a telltale tit

I skipped in a blush as the big girls rolled

Ninepin down on the donkeys’ common

And on seesaw Sunday nights I wooed
Whoever I would with my wicked eyes

The whole of the moon I could love and leave

All the green leaved
little weddings’ wives

In the coal black bush and let them grieve


In my craft or sullen art

Exercised in the still night

When only the moon rages

And the lovers lie abed

With all their griefs in their arms

I labour by singing light

Not for ambition nor bread

Or the strut and trade of charms
on the ivory stages

But for the common wages
of their most secret heart


Not for the proud man apart

From the raging moon I write

On these spindrift pages

Nor for the towering dead

With their nightingales and psalms

But for the lovers, their arms

Round the griefs of the ages


I must mention A scene influenced some rules of mine about Love,


Vera  : Why?

Dylan: You.

Vera  : Leave Caitlin.
Go on. Leave Caitlin.

You’ve got rid of the opposition.
Now you come on.

Leave your wife and live with me.

Do you see?

You want a 15-year-old girl back on the beach.
Not me.

You don’t even see me, do you?

All you’ve got is stories in your head. Words.

And I have to be real.

William… makes me real.

If you have sent
my beloved husband to jail…

I will never forgive you.


One Response to “The Edge of Love”

  1. enreal Says:

    You are as I am … though I never show it… hopelessly romantic… imagine if?
    This seems beautiful… I shall have to watch

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