A Quiet slumber Not A cold Death

December 13, 2008


Be with me , My love
Wake up my sleeping spirit
Can’t you see ?!
I’m still sleeping softly by your side
Just give me a reason to live for
Say .. ” You are mine and me yours “

Do not worry, I’m still alive
Touch my heart ,
Amidst this ocean of silence,
Don’t you hear ?!
A faraway pulse calling for you ?!
Saying ..
Save me , Save me

And my face ..  My poor face
It needs a warm wide smile
Light it up now with your common jokes
Bring back the rosy petals to my cheeks
And color my lips with pink by a kiss from ur seducing mouth

Help me to open my eyes to see
The beautiful celestial light, The glory of this night,
And the beauty of your quiet face
Give me a hug that I never had
Press your slender fingers into my back
Till they became a part of my body
Let me savor every Press and Release

Then sing me a song in whispers about words
I always wanted to hear, always wanted to feel
Whisper all this things your heart holds deep
Or whistle your familiar serenades
Those, You used to whistle to me and I was fascinated by
May be they would hasten my breaths
And, May be I will choose not to die

So seek not my love , the fear
Shed a smile,
Drop not a tear
I will never stop listening to the voice of our love
I will not leave you,
I will disappear,
In your Arms and I will plunge,
Into your angelic romantic world
For I’m with you
And you with me
Then I will wish to stay entrapped forever with you for all Eternity.


3 Responses to “A Quiet slumber Not A cold Death”

  1. fivereflections Says:

    there is so much depth here – and i like this, “Amidst this ocean of silence”.

    imagine if everyone could feel this silence! i can almost feel the peace

    thanks for sharing.

  2. teared apart Says:

    Well said,beautiful picture,deep meaning,true feelings…wonderful

  3. enreal Says:

    I know not how my heart still beats after reading these words… it lays heavy in my chest… broken, yet not with out want… perhaps it dreams for this love… perhaps that is why it lays not in waste… perhaps it needs to mend… perhaps

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