Tattered Spirits

April 24, 2009


The hours seems endless

Darkness is the only thing here

Except the dim light from my last candle
whose consuming to exist

I thought I could write before it gone

But all I got here is an empty sheet,

And a full bottle of ink

I’m lost as my candle

I’m torn as my sad odes

He tore my heart in sunder

In love senseless game

No words could describe such a pain,

Such a shame

And oft in my solitude I sigh

And oft I remember his voice and cry

Till I heard a plea ..

I opened my window

I can see and I can hear

Other lost spirits

Walking, walking to and fro

Calling me to join them

And share them their despair

Beneath the moon’s pale beams

Among the trembling flowers,
And the forlorn trees

I opened my door

And walked towards them

I know what they are feeling

I know it all

I was one of them one day

And now I’m coming back home

I was in a dream

A perfect dream

A was in a song

A loftier Romantic one

I wrote the lyrics


He sung

He captured a picture of love

Desperately, I was in

I was in and I was weary

Weary of the state I’m in

I watched him with Eternal Lids apart

As I know that he was a Miracle

And Miracles never last

And I couldn’t keep him , just ..

For a little longer

Now he is gone

And now I woke

I woke,  Not from my slumber

I woke from my waking

Now I can let my Lids Rest ..


Hello  ..

Hello  ..

Hello tattered spirits

I’m back

We could Rest now

And enjoy our splendid tranquil Sleeping .


6 Responses to “Tattered Spirits”

  1. marwa yassin Says:

    For what good love can be…To fade in your mind and soul…To capture a wondering teardrop , yet shedding them all…To assure a trembling heart, yet beats in a roar…calm now fear not..Hear them whisper and have no doubt…Tattered spirits…Here I come.

  2. tamer Says:

    i read it many times , your words are perfect and impressive as usual, but painful as well ,
    I’m lost as my candle ,
    No words could describe such a pain,
    And share them their despair ,
    Miracles never last

    And I couldn’t keep him , just ..

    For a little longer

    Now he is gone

    plz , do something for me , a happy-end poem 🙂

  3. I promise u Tamer once I feel happiness I will share it here with u all ..

    But let me tell u something this poem had a different end { A happy one } but ..
    I dunn know ..
    Fate wanted it that way .

  4. Marwa , I’m so sorry that u will join this desperate circle ..

  5. enreal Says:

    I felt this within… deeply reawakening emotions I have hid… to visit again, remember… the spirit may be tattered… yet it becomes numb after time…

    Yes time… a friend or foe?

    For now I choose my tattered spirit… again for a visit

    Your poem is incredible… I truly did feel it… I know of what you speak… it has become a part of you… sadness is a thing of beauty… remember you are as the spirits of nature and life… and you get to feel it all

  6. ohh my friend Enreal, hello ..
    Realy miss u , U r the incredible one

    hmm yes sadness became a part of me ,
    Nothing bring joy to my life.
    No love in it anymore just a picture of someone unknown .. and that kills me .

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