Letter without A Reply

October 6, 2009


Dear …..,

I do not know where to start or what are the proper words I should say for I can write them down without mistakes ..

I just wanted to tell you that I’m so obsessed with fairytales, I enjoy the moments that deport me from Reality and head me back to the Romanticism;

The moments that open the gate for the flowing River with its rare flowers on each side that flows from my mind to embrace my soul with their Ecstasy, with their soft incense ..

I could be haunted with things people say they’re old fashion or they became some kind of antique,

I could taste the beauteousness in the simple figures, that leads me to gasp the air that full my lungs to the fullest then breathe it out in sobs and sighs wondering how could I translate what I saw in letters then sentences or into some poetic lines,

So I scratch my brain and stay for long in solitude and silence suffering from a burning mind and tied tongue as I’m not educated the much that let me inform the paper of the words that I should write; For all I have is a feeling winnowing by the winds of the melancholic Reality,

My eyes plays a distinct role in this Drama, the eyes that you praise them as much as you praise a passionate kiss from a virgin lass, They constantly need to hug the landscapes with their sight, to see the fields with green, to see the hills and the slopes surrounded with flowers pink and red and white ..

But they constantly need to be kissed to sleep as well; for none of what I told you they ever seen,

It is only anguish that aches their lids and imprison each one away from the other,

I may refer this to my name, as I always observe that the most beautiful colour of Iris is the bluish-purple, The colour of Saddening !

Forgive my blueness, I envy your optimistic way of thinking, your practical mind but I do not know why for a moment I thought you will be the immortal messenger of  the letters that I have always waited for ..

My inspiration and My feelings both were anxious for hearing from you,

Your messages were intensely desirable, were the spark that lighted my mind to imagine a fairytale would last forever,

Your Eyes and their undefined colour were and still a mystery I crave to unfold and it took me long time to discover; Could your smile relate to those eyes?! Could this smile with its pure serene relate to those mystic caves?!

But the answer is still some dots and some exclamation marks …. !!!!
Though In my fantasy I know you well, In Reality you’re still unknown.


I wished to get A Reply, I wished to get A single Response to
my feelings, my yearning, my Letters ..
A single sign to keep on dreaming of Fairytales,
To keep on seeing myself with my beloved as A story among the Books of Tales,
Wished to stand more than this;
And Face off the consequences of being Alone ..
But I gave up!

My Love, My Soulmate, My Fantasy



12 Responses to “Letter without A Reply”

  1. Mossy Says:

    Tales of beauty, like beauty itself, can awaken a higher part of us.

    The inner world is reality in that we can actually experience it. Perhaps it is the only reality we can know.

    What if your longing for the ideal is not satisfied? Cling to it, don’t wish it away. It is what you are. You are longing for your real Self. Fairy tales are but a reminder of this.

  2. Mossy Says:


    I hope that you will visit me at http://theheartmayspeak.blogspot.com/

  3. Mossy Says:

    Somehow my response with my blog address did not stick. Here it is in English:

    theheartmayspeak dot blogspot dot com

    I hope that you will visit me at my blog.

  4. Mossy Says:

    The real Self is known by repeated small efforts to be in the moment.

  5. Mossy – I like your way of thinking ..
    And thanks for the advise, I will not wish it away, I will try to continue my longing for the ideal although it is hard and hopeless!

  6. Mossy – Of Course I will loggin in your blog and I will add the link to my Blogroll.

  7. inwardsun Says:

    You have a beautiful blog!! The photo caught my attention because I recognized it immediately from Rosie Hardy! I used to follow her on Flickr when she had just started. She is amazing!!

    I will be back for more reading, but this was just a hello for now. 🙂

  8. – inwardsun – hello back :–)
    You are Right “Rosie Hardy” is Brilliant, I adore her shots, they are absolutely Fascinating ..
    Thanks for your visit, I found another adorable blog. Indeed it would take a place in my blogroll.

  9. enreal Says:

    I felt these words in my soul… i say this for they passed through my heart and left… I felt this and I needed this more than you can understand, for I simply do not understand… thank you sleeping spirit, beautiful soul

  10. enreal Says:

    I miss your words…

  11. – Dear “Enreal” I’m sorry for being late to give a response, Really sorry my Sis.
    I will keep writing and sharing my Romanticism with you all ..

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