November 22, 2009

My Engagement Day

Thursday, 19 Nov, 2009



If being crazy means living life as if it matters,

 Then I don’t care if we are completely insane.

{ Revolutionary Road }





7 Responses to “Promises”

  1. clowntears Says:

    Congratulations , God bless

  2. Ahmed Says:

    Nice, Congratulations ..

  3. enreal Says:

    Congratulations Sleeping Spirit… I wish you happiness… you deserve all the beauty life has to bring… looks like the romantic wins once more… blessings

  4. @ Enreal- Thanks My dear dear friend ..
    hmm You want the truth?? I miss Romance!! It was just at the beginning.. now we are busy preparing to the wedding, Sometimes I miss the old days; Miss writing, thinking, wandering outside my body ..
    I’m so afraid of Monotony and Routine!

  5. tamer Says:

    sooo sooo happy for youuu , congratulationsssss and best wishes for you isA

  6. @ Tamer heyyyyyyyyyy My friend Thanks and How u doin? hope everything is okay with u and ur studies. Take care always.. Wish ya the best too.

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