URGH !!! The Brain

March 2, 2010

When the brain works right, It helps you be thoughtful, playful, romantic, intimate, committed, and loving with your partner.

When the brain is dysfunctional, It causes you to be impulsive, distracted, addicted, unfaithful, angry, and even hateful, thus ruining chances for continued intamcy and love.

Daniel G. Amen

So Mr. Daniel, you are saying that Men sorry “Egyptian Men”
All of them Well “No Offense” Most of them .. The vast majority are suffering from a brain damage, OKAY, I Got it ..



4 Responses to “URGH !!! The Brain”

  1. enreal Says:

    I think American men suffer from this as well… maybe we should just make it Most men… would you agree?

  2. yea my friend Enreal yea .. you’re absolutely Right.

  3. Cinderella Says:

    and Mr.Daniel didnt offer any solutions??

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