I am Standin’ on The Edge of something much too Deep

Sawsan El Baz



20 Responses to “About Me…”

  1. Thanks for the comment
    you should check out the
    poems earlier on in the
    [categorised as poem / poetry]

    They’re somewhat better
    than my later ones.


  2. kelli Says:

    how do you come up with these poems and images.
    ive used these as inpiration in my a-level coursework.

  3. enreal Says:

    You have a beautiful energy here… thank you for sharing your light

  4. ramy ahmed Says:

    Standing on the edge of something too deep…very mysterious and amazing sentence,i don’t know why i feel i know that something, would you please allow me to ask you a question…is this somthing makes you feel scared?

  5. It could be scared if u fell and nobody there to catch u,
    It is the Edge between being in Heaven or burning in Hell .

  6. fevah Says:

    I love your blog Sleepingspirit, thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  7. the.light.bearer Says:

    Dear Sleepingspirit,

    thanks for your comment on my poem http://littlekhargosh.wordpress.com/2008/11/17/i-told-her-to-wait/

    and thanks for feeling the words. i can soo tell you what happens next and what she will do cos ‘she’ is me. she’s fine and has moved on.

  8. nafise Says:

    U r great..i love everything u’v written.
    ur heart over flows, i can see it in ur every perfect sentence u made to tell ur feeling.
    keep going on..The lord is alwayz here..in ur precious heart and valuable soul

  9. marwa Says:

    الدفتر و الفنجان و الهاتف
    …my best line ..
    فما عادت الآن رياح و لا رمال و لا قلاع
    winds of his love moves sand of ur heart to build up castles of hope and yet as he gone all was gone…amazing

  10. BAZOOKA Says:

    I am Standin’ on The Edge of something much too Deep

  11. BAZOOKA Says:

    Just please give your mind space to Re-think again in everything …

  12. BAZOOKA Says:

    SOmetimes,in our life we can meet someone we put strategical actions : ) to reach him and found ourself beside him all of the life ….

  13. sleimanazizi Says:

    Again, thank you very much for your kind words.

    I don’t know your situation but often something is too deep because we are on the outside.

    Just step in.

    It may be hell but I can tell you, heaven will be your reward.

  14. Many Thanks Mr. Sleiman for your encouragement to Me, You do really understand me very well ..
    hmm ..
    I can tell that I’m already taking My chances now;
    I mean I have the Will but I did not jump off the cliff yet ..

  15. Smile on her lips and sadness in her eyes

  16. Realy….. you are a great writer…

  17. @ The Shawshank, The song is simply adorable and so spiritual and highly inspiring .. Thanks!

  18. Mohamed Fadaly Says:

    Where are you ? You’ve disappeared !

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