Photography VS Poetry

September 20, 2009


A Collection of Some Inspiring Brilliant Shots Captured By A Friend of Mine


The Enchanted Bird 


Don’t you see me yet?

I’m the beautiful one with the longest neck

I walk in pride,

I hush and hide

But In My Fantasy;

You are the Noble Enchanter,

I’m the Princess in her Royal Velvet

Then you hit,


With your Magical Stick.


Sailing Away


Move the oars so strongly,

Sail across the sea

May be you reach a place

Where you find the Ecstasy.


No Sailor No Life


I stand and thinking

I search and got disappointed

I ask and No Answer

Where is my other half?

And all is here are empty boats

And all is here is Silent.


Leaping beyond the Winds


Fly my little wings

Fly and hit the sky

Cause here is dusky and a little bit bleak

And up there you may find the green bay;

The Slopes covered with flowers that you always seek.


 Strange Similarity


The Boat, My Boat

The only colorful thing in my gray world

Your Sailor shaped you well

And colored your oaken wood,

Then abandoned you here Roughly

Alone with your Solitude

Wings, My Wings

You who have soared me above the Ocean

Now you harbored here without a sweet Emotion

Did the immense sky swear,

That you will flutter No more

And become a homeless bird  for Infinity

Or It’s written in your destiny,

That you will roost in this hopeless boat,

And become to him the companion and the friend

Now I see and observed

How much the boat and I;

Were became to this such similarity .