The Guy I Don’t Even Know his Name

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The day started with a song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” to “Shirelles“ cause I assigned it to be the Alarm on my cell phone to wake me everyday at 7:45 Am,

“Shirelles” were an American girl group in the early 1960’s which I adore the 60’s songs,
They are absolutely fascinating, Who doesn’t love oldies anyway ?!!

After 15 minutes of rolling in my bed as usual, I finally got up…

Went to the bathroom, did the usual stuff I do every Morning then dressed quickly…

But not for going work,

Today I took it off, I had something different to do; I had to renew my driving license ..

So I just took a sip of my tea and quickly ran down the stairs to catch up the appointment ..

I drove my car almost for 5 minutes as I live in a small town, then in a quick I arrived at the place I want ;

But I took 10 minutes to find a spot to park my car and finally I found one, Thanks God for that ,

While I was stepping out of my car, A guy shouted on me telling ..
“This is my spot”, After a second or so, I Realized that
he is an Apricot seller !

I did nothing but showing a big wide smile on my face telling him
“I won’t be Late” and left him mumbling words only God knows what he said .. lol,


To renew a driving License in my country, you have to do a series of hard steps ;

The first one is to go to the court building to know how many traffic violations you did and pay for them,

And that what I was doing today,

After I had left the Apricot seller I headed to the court building, took the elevator seven Floors above the ground then walked a long long hall then I found myself alone with from 20 to 25 guys waiting their turns in front of a tiny window and they weren’t in Line,
It was just a mess…

I waited and waited till the guy behind the tiny window
“It called Mr. George by the way” noticed me and realized that I was struggling to survive among these sweaty old disgusting men,

He asked for my name, took my license and told me that I will wait the prosecutor to decrease the money that I will pay, so again I waited…

While I was waiting among this chaos, suddenly the crowd started to shrink to allow someone to pass,

But who the hell is he to make them do such shrinking that quickly ?!!

Well I didn’t care, I just enjoyed these seconds and tried to breathe some fresh air but the sudden silence made me carious and pushed me to raise my head up a little because at this time I was picking up my purse because it had fallen,

I rose up my head slowly to find myself standing in front of two splendid outstanding handsome guys !

I froze for a while, gazing on them and saying to myself  ..
{ Am I in heaven } !!

It was so hilarious but hey…

Don’t think me that I’m over reacting No, please No…
It was just like finding two oases in the desert… lol

After a while I understood that one of them is  ..!! Guess who ??

The prosecutor and the other is his friend then the prosecutor asked Mr. George with a strong tough layer of his voice to finish all the necessary papers to his friend immediately…

Poor me…
I wished to be his friend too at that moment,

Then in a glance his friend stood in front of me and I was standing in front of him, only inches between us;
He looked at me by wondaring eyes so did I, Then I don’t know why it turned to a stare !

The chemistry did its Interactions !!
I felt like Spring at that moment ..
Could this be true ? Could spring skip summer, autumn and winter and come again to flourish the place suddenly just like that ?!!

Hmm .. I have no idea !!

I swear I heard “James Blunt” singing his song “You’re Beautiful”
And in particular,
This part…

You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
You’re beautiful, it’s true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don’t know what to do,
‘Cause I’ll never be with you.

Then I woke up to Reality again and went to pay the money I have to pay to get the last paper and ..

Surprise ! Surprise ! He came after me and stayed till I finished,

We even shared a joke and I think he laughed…

Then I left the room and waited in the hall for someone to bring me back my license and guess what?? He left the room and stood in the hall too, laying his perfect body on the wall,

Then I heard the guy calling my name , gave me my License and finally it was time to leave,

I did nothing but finding a way to pass among the crowd leaving that scene behind even without a peek to say good bye with the eyes, hoping he will follow me as we see in the Romantic Movies,

I walked the long hall slowly and I didn’t take the elevator, again I was hoping to hear this word “Wait”…

But I realized that I’m not in A Movie and these things never happened in the Real Life and I can’t undo all the time I’ve wasted in leaving to get back to him,
I left ..
And he headed on the other direction and each one went to his separate Life.

Do you remember this Movie { The curious case of Benjamin Button } when Daisy asked Benjamin about what he was thinking and he said ..
I was thinking how nothing Lasts ..
Then she looked into his eyes and said {Some things Last)
Yes that’s true Some things Last,
Moments like these last forever ..

Hmm ..
By the way when I went to my car I found the guy “ The Apricot seller “ still mumbling words !!

Well I drove my car and left as the Mission was accomplished .

And that what happened today and this is the story about the guy I don’t even know his name.



The 7 things I like about you

1- Your Artistic view, The way you see things and appreciate them so well and how much it is amazing when you makes us see the beauty of this Universe thru your adoring eyes.

2- The Warmth in your voice and how this bring tears to my eyes and every time you start to sing I breathe out , I sigh , A sigh of relief  ..
I feel that your lilting voice is touching gently every fiber in me,

As every tone melts my soul slowly then exploding a combination of the most romantic emotions I have ever had or felt before.

3-  The way you talk and the way you listen,
It is  pretty good to find someone care, someone show you the light when darkness is all around and falls deeper and deeper,
Where in this time could we find such a person ?

Hmm, well ..
I found you.

4- The way you show how much you are so self-confident and the impression you always leave is that you are capable to do everything in this world just because you have ..

– A new different idea,
– Two hands wants to build the structure of a golden frame,
– And a Dreamy heart filling this precious frame with everything you want it to be happen.

5-  Your New Things ..

Every day you show up with a new conversation, a new story, new joke, a whole new person,

I never felt that I’m boring however you every day finds out something special in me,

You opened my eyes for things I never known in my personality before.
I remember someday I was feeling frustrated,
I was confused, so lost and you didn’t ask why…!!

People ask all the time
How are you?
Are you okay?
Is it something wrong?

And the usual answer the automatic one comes at once and we say,


I am Fine

This repeatable uncomfortable answer ..

Remember ..

The Movie ..
“Drew Baylor” { Orlando Bloom } kept saying
I’m Fine  .. I’m Fine .. I’m Fine  although he was in the Middle of his grief on his father’s Death.

So  “I’m Fine “ , In fact it ain’t an answer !

But you didn’t
You didn’t ask me that day
You acted another different situation

You just opened a window to my imaginary world,
You just set a bird free.

6-   hmm, here it comes { The nicest thing } ..

Has anyone told you before that you say “ Okay ” in the most magnificent way I have ever heard ..

I love it
I love it
I love it

7- This one should be to your adorable smile and to your outstanding laugh,
An hundred years should go to praise this smile,
Two hundred to adore each cheek,
But thirty thousands to satisfy my eyes from looking at your delighted face.

And this was the last one but of course not least ..

So, to be continued  ..
Cause I’m pretty sure that there are more beautiful hidden things,
I don’t know about them yet.

Infinite Magic

May 4, 2009


Your Eyes can’t lie

No can’t lie

They are Innocent, Florescent

Glowing in the Dark Glowing from Optimism, Passion and Desire

But Most of All from Love

They are Extracting joy from life

Expending their brightness in vain

I myself hovered into your eyes And in a quick, you erased all my pain

Your voice can’t hurt

No, Can’t ever hurt

Neither your song

It is all about Love And it will always echoes in my thoughts and in my heart

It was soothing me, Taking me to the imaginary Fairies Land

Flying me to the farthest skies; You and Me Hand to Hand

Your touch I never known, Poor me I never known

Never savored its dove

Never been attached to your skin my Love

Your lips is a hunting arrow Kept hunting my feelings endlessly

Its molasses entrapped me, Entrapped my heart beats’ privacy

Oh, I ache for this Intimacy I ache for this Intimacy

Alas !! I thought you are my shelter, My Night’s whisper

I thought you are Me; Finding my soul Finally

And no more my tired body will live in Solitary

I thought a thousand thoughts A thousand ideas A thousand laughs I will share it with you

A thousand words A thousand letters I will write you

A thousand Moments that I will miss, your eyes and everything attached to them

I may be Simple

I may be Quiet

I may be a dreamer

I may be a tiny star unnoticed among the nearing ones whose brighten your night

But I have my own eyes And they are all I have And I saw the kindness in yours

I saw clarity I saw the magic go infinity

I saw Heaven And sensed by my face a magical breeze

I saw a Poet,

An Artist But Alas, My Love I’m not your Masterpiece .